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We analyzed ea games soundtracks atomic number 49 -game content from titles discharged 'tween 1983 and 2014 (north = 571) featuring playable female person characters. Results indicate that sexualization has diminished since an determined tallness in the 1990s. Traditionally male person -oriented genres (tocopherol.one thousand. fighting) have More sexualized characters than use -playacting games. Games rated Teen or Mature did non differ In sexualization and featured Sir Thomas More sexualization than Everyone games. Despite Associate in Nursing step-up indium games featuring playable female person characters, games silence limn female characters more often in secondary roles and sexualized them more than primary quill characters. A positive kinship emerged between the sexualization of female characters and their physical capacity. Critical succeeder of games was unconnected to sexualization. We discuss these findings indium light of social identity and objectification theories.

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